Vegetables, Herbs and Rice

Whether you require your veg peeled, sliced, whole or diced our prepared range of expertly selected frozen veg can be tailored to suit any requirement.

Chips and Potatoes

Fries, croquettes, gratins, or mashed potatoes: our range of potato specialties is unlimited.


Our team is dedicated to harnessing the best of vegetable and side products and preparing them into a range of meals accompaniments.

Meat and Poultry

We pride ourselves on supplying whatever our customers want. Because we trade internationally, we can source your choice of meat, poultry and game at any time of year.

Pies and Ready meals

Our ready meals & pies are created using the best ingredients from accredited sites throughout the world, ensuring that we can cater to any meal occasion.

Fruit and Smoothies

Only the finest ingredients from BRC and global accredited sources are used in our frozen IQF fruit and desert range meaning that we are perfectly placed to ensure product quality and integrity whilst encouraging innovation.


We are passionate about good quality pastries and bakery products

Party food and snacking

Party food and snacks call for something quick and delicious. Our range of canapes, light bites and snacks are sure to go down a treat for any occasion

Other Products

Our key focus lies in customer care and the outstanding service we strive to achieve, by building knowledge to constantly stay ahead of the market and by providing the right products at the right time, first time for great value.

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